Big Bad Wolf is the collaboration of two songwriters; Ryan Burnett and Robby Stone. Their combined expertise and knowledge of the industry and moving trends in popular music allows them to write across a variety of genres spanning pop, dance, rock, indie, electro, country and R&B.


Ryan Burnett is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has performed on some of the world's largest and most renowned stages. Playing alongside acts such as Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Bruce Springsteen has given him years of experience honing his work from intimate shows right up to festival main-stages. He has written and performed on music used for Harley-Davidson, Channel 4, O2 and Guitar Hero, as well as working on sessions for

X-Factor and 4Music.


Robby Stone is a songwriter, composer, producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. His experience spans a wide range - performing alongside artists such as Mark Ronson, Calvin Harris, Pete Doherty and Miles Kane, he has much experience as a live musician playing across the globe from the USA to the Middle East. Robby has written, recorded and performed music used across TV, radio and online marketing campaigns for brands including McDonalds, Vodafone and Samsung. He also has many years of experience as an audio brand specialist, working globally with household name businesses to create bespoke audio for marketing.

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